Thinking data automation 'first' enables your company to move faster and more effectively to making digital transformation a reality in the enterprise. Data Automation helps you serve customers better. It enables you to operate more efficiently. It unburdens your employees from mundane, repetitive work, allowing them to focus on solving problems and creating value.

We’re on a mission

To enable our customers to automate their management of data to realize maximum strategic and operational benefit.

Our Vision

We envision a world where data users consume accurate, up-to-date, unified data distilled from many silos to deliver transformational outcomes.

Activate Your Data. Avoid Manual Processing

Accelerate data projects by enabling non-IT resources and data experts to consolidate, categorize,and master data.

Automate Your
Data Operations

Power digital transformations by automating a significant portion of data management through human-guided machine learning.

Value from the Start

Increase the velocity of business outcomes with complete, accurate data curated automatically for data visualization tools and analytic insights.

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Customer success stories

“One of the reasons why we purchased Io-Tahoe was to have the ability to give the lines of business the ability to do search within the data.”

Paula D’Amico
SVP Enterprise Data Architecture,
Webster Bank

Io-Tahoe Data Automation

Data Automation by Io-Tahoe is AI enabled software that executes repetitive data processes in an audited, controlled manner.

It works with your company’s core systems and existing applications, and automates data management, communication and response triggering.

It drives performance, prevents human error, and lets you focus on value-added tasks.

Once in place, Data Automation by Io-Tahoe delivers repetitive, high-volume data tasks efficiently and cost effectively, working whenever you need it.

That not only drives performance and effectively manages the risk of human or system error; it also frees your people to focus on value-added or customer-facing activities.

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Value from the start

The benefits of implementing Data Automation are real and immediate.

Data Automation by Io-Tahoe can be utilized across all data silos, business functions and departments, and in many cases, can operated around the clock, 365 days a year, and never needs a day off. With the proper access rights, it can work with all of your existing tools, utilities, databases, applications and systems, as well through APIs to services on cloud platforms.


In information technology services, as much as 24% of the typical company's costs are related to supply-chain problems caused by data issues.


In information technology services, over 35% of staff time is spent on low-level, repetitive data manipulation tasks.


In finance and accounting, it can deliver a 60% reduction in the cost to process an accurate reporting.


In marketing, data automation can deliver an 80% improvement in data quality.

Improve the security and quality of your data

Data Automation improves security by reducing the number of individuals who have access to sensitive data. And it can improve quality — many companies report double-digit error reduction in data entry and other repetitive tasks.

Trust the way data
works for you

Data Automation by Io-Tahoe learns as it works, and can augment business user behavior. It learns from exception handling and scales up or down as needed to prevent system or application overloads or crashes. It also allows for innate knowledge to be socialized, rather than individualized. No longer will your company struggle when the employee who “knows how this report is done,” retires or takes another job; the work continues on without the need for detailed information transfer.

Supporting the digital shift

Perhaps most importantly, data automation allows companies to begin making moves toward a broader, more aspirational transformation — but on a small scale is easy to implement and manage and delivers quick wins. Digital is the buzzword of the day, but many companies recognize that it is a complex strategy that requires time and investment.

Once you get started with data automation, the digital transformation initiated and leaders and employee alike become more eager to invest time and effort in a broader digital transformational agenda.

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