We help businesses achieve true Data Automation. We empower Knowledge Workers to trust their data and achieve more.

Our platform creates “Smart Data” ready for DataOps, robotic process automation, AI and digital transformation.

Enterprise Data Automation

“Automating Data Management at Enterprise Scale”

Enabling the world’s largest companies to remove the manual effort required for data users to better know, manage and drive value from their data assets.


Io-Tahoe is a global leader in Enterprise Data Automation.


Io-Tahoe enables enterprise customers to automatically discover, catalog, manage and drive business value from data wherever it is held.


Io-Tahoe uses patented algorithms and machine learning to dramatically increase the accuracy and speed of this process.


Io-Tahoe employs cloud enabled data catalogs, customizable ontologies and automated tagging features to unite and classify data, metadata, and analysis within an intuitive user experience designed to help technical and
non-technical people collaborate.


Io-Tahoe automates the ability for enterprises to automate data processes and workflows including Data Migrations, Data Quality, Data Governance and
self-service Data Analytics.


In doing so, Io-Tahoe significantly reduces the manual effort required for data users to better know, manage and drive value from their data assets.

About Us

The Tao of Data Management

While there are many approaches to automation, we promote codification, workflows, modularity, security and resilience in order to transform siloed data into an automated enterprise service.


Codification allows for knowledge to be executed by machines, but still readable by operators. Automated tooling allows operators to increase their productivity, move quicker, and reduce human error. Machines can automatically detect, triage, and resolve issues.


Our design process starts with an envisioned data workflow to achieve a set goal. We then identify existing tools that simplify the workflow. If a sufficient tool does not exist, we step in to build it. This leads to a fundamentally technology-agnostic view - we will use the best technology available to solve the problem. As technologies evolve and better tooling emerges, the ideal workflow is updated to leverage those technologies. Technologies change, end goals stay the same.


A modular approach to design prefers many smaller components with well defined scopes that can be used together. The alternative approach is monolithic, in which a single tool has a nebulous scope that expands to encompass new features and capabilities. We like to think of the components as blocks that are functional on their own, and can be combined in new and innovative ways.


Security by Design is our approach for security and compliance at scale across multiple industries, standards, and security criteria. We provide security controls built in throughout the entire software development process. This includes automated code reviews to uncover security vulnerabilities and better understand the various attack models for a new product or feature.


The result is automated security, assurance, governance, and compliance capabilities for your data and environments. You can now execute reliable implementation of what was previously only written in policies, standards, and regulations. Additionally, you can create enforceable security and compliance, which in turn creates a functional, reliable governance model for your data environments.


Finally resilient systems are built to withstand unexpected data inputs and data outputs. To accomplish this, the system must have a desired state, a method to collect information on the current state, and a mechanism to automatically adjust the current state to return to the desired state. We believe that applying this sort of systems rigor to data operations is critical to achieve the highest levels of reliability.

Our Story

Io-Tahoe is the leader in Enterprise Data Automation software, harnessing the power of our patented data automation technologies to help organizations empower employees to achieve more. Companies around the world, rely on Io-Tahoe data automation technology to guide action and drive change that results in millions of dollars saved.

With origins in both industry and the open-source community, Io-Tahoe has always been devoted to simplifying data, sharing knowledge and pursuing truths. Founded in 2017 Io-Tahoe brings together data engineering, science and analytics on an open, unified platform so data teams can collaborate and innovate faster.

Venture-backed and headquartered in New York (with offices on three continents) and a growing ecosystem of global partners, including Google, IBM, Amazon, SalesForce, Microsoft, Service Now and others, Io-Tahoe is on a mission to help data teams solve the world’s toughest problems.

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