Mar 15, 2021

Accelerate Your Enterprise Data Catalog with RPA & Digital Workers

The value of implementing a Data Robotic Process Automation (RPA) Platform goes beyond just saving your organization the time spent on performing mundane or repetitive (some may even say boring) tasks. When it comes to completing an enterprise data catalog, it’s safe to say there is an abundance of manual, back-office projects that take energy and focus away from other meaningful responsibilities across all departments. We commonly refer to five key steps that are required to complete an
enterprise data catalog.

1. Repetitively interviewing stakeholders to obtain context on how data is consumed.

2. Manually creating the catalog by personally inspecting, finding, and logging data sets, where they’re stored and how they’re consumed.

3. Manually organizing and reorganizing categorization, classification and usage of each data element.

4. Manually linking data elements with each other to show relationships
and producing a business glossary of terms and governance policies that
your organization should adhere to.

5. Training all of your data consumers on policy updates and ensuring quality by repeatedly manually reinspecting and checking data sources.

The above steps are not only tedious to perform, explain and read, they’re also simply not sustainable at an enterprise scale! This is where Io-Tahoe’s Data RPA Platform steps in, using “Digital Workers” to knock out those painfully repetitive 5 steps into just ONE. RPA automates the discovery, cataloging, mapping, enrichment, lineage, and data quality assessments together in one effective & efficient process. So, in addition to time & cost savings, there are several additional benefits of RPA:

— Generate a holistic view of data across all your system silos with a single version of the truth that you can trust

— Get insights in hours, achieve results in days, and complete projects accurately with less manual overhead.

— Employees can get back to the responsibilities they were originally hired for

— Enhanced attention to detail and security, since we know Digital Workers don’t require 8 hours of sleep and 4 cups of caffeine throughout the day

— Achieve faster ROI while keeping up with the growth of your organization