Recorded Webinar

ActiveDQ™ Intelligent Automation for Data Quality Management

Io-Tahoe comes together with Snowflake to solve data quality in a
multi-cloud world for enterprise scale. Learn about AI/ML driven digital workers called “SnowBots” tailored for a Snowflake environment. SnowBots remove multi-step and manual efforts to data quality; reducing item cost, effort, and speeding up remediation.

Observe a demonstration on how-to use intelligent automation to keep
your Snowflake data stores curated with high quality data. See how you can
drive analytics at scale to serve business users and customer
experience-oriented applications.

Interested in learning more about accelerating your journey to the Snowflake cloud? Download our report: Data Mobilization for Snowflake.

Webinar Details

  • Accelerate Your Adoption of Snowflake with Snowflake Data Assessment
    Two data experts come together to talk through modernization of legacy data estates using automation and Data RPA for same day ROI on Snowflake.
  • Data RPA: Automation to Mobilize Your Data on Snowflake
    Io-Tahoe talks robotic process automation for data and Snowflake gives their take on boosting integrated data quality on multicloud.
  • ActiveDQ on Snowflake Demo
    Io-Tahoe demonstrates how easy it is to plug in your Snowflake data sources and showcase a data quality dashboard.

Gain insight into how intelligent automation improves data quality management on the cloud. Click the following link to request access to our latest solution brief: ActiveDQ on Snowflake.