Sep 24, 2020

BMC + Io-Tahoe: Power Up Your Digital Workflows

Manage the whole, not just the parts, and empower your workforce to scale up at the enterprise level with Io-Tahoe.

Integrate knowledge from enterprise data systems with existing IT Asset Management workflows on BMC with Io-Tahoe SmartData technology. Powered by patented ML technology, the Io-Tahoe SmartData catalog performs automated data discovery, learning how data is produced and consumed across lines of businesses as it takes inventory of all your data assets.

Once complete, the SmartData Catalog acts as the catalyst to:

  • Remove silos and comprehensively map data in on-premises, AWS, Azure, and other cloud platforms
  • Operationalize ITAM reporting across your IT assets down to the dataplane
  • Empower employees from different lines of business to interact productively, seamlessly and securely

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