SmartData Marketplaces

Join us on September 17th at 12 PM EST on for our livestream on SmartData Marketplaces. Io-Tahoe talks big data challenges and technology solutions in the healthcare industry with TCS, followed by a deep dive with AWS on tools that leverage ML in data exchange environments.

This is a free online event.

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The SmartData Lifecycle Event

A quick recap on our CrowdChat with theCUBE 09/01/20

In last month’s power panel with theCUBE, Io-Tahoe was joined by Ethos, Pure Storage, and Cohesity to talk solutions and strategies that leverage data automation to optimize all stages of a data lifecycle for increased business agility and accelerated time to business value from data.

One key takeaway from the panel was a discussion on solutions for large organizations to overcome data fragmentation and silos from different legacy systems in their environment in order to perform operations that monetize their data assets. As you may know, using manual processes in enterprise-scale settings can add significant overhead, time to task, and increased operational risk. As such, Patrick Smith of PureStorage & Ezat Dayeh of Cohesity joined the conversation with Io-Tahoe’s CTO Lester Waters to talk about how their tools leverage automation and machine learning with Io-Tahoe’s patented SmartData technology.

The data volumes are so massive that you can’t effectively manage, understand, or catalog your data without automation. Once you understand the data, and the value of the data, you can work out where the data needs to be at any point in time.

Patrick Smith, Field CTO, PureStorage

Curious about building a SmartData Lifecycle for your organization? Connect with an Io-Tahoe expert to discuss needs, questions, and see what the Io-Tahoe Data Automation Platform can do for you.

Power Panel: The SmartData Lifecycle

Io-Tahoe comes together with Ethos, Pure Storage, and Cohesity to talk solutions and strategies that leverage data automation to optimize all stages of your data lifecycle. Join us July 29th for the Smart Data Lifecycle event with TheCUBE on and learn how to achieve increased business agility and reduced time to business value from your data.

This is a free online event.

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    Adam Worthington

    CTO & Co-Founder

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    Patrick Smith

    Field CTO
    Pure Storage

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    Ezat Dayeh

    Systems Engineering Manager

Io-Tahoe empowered Webster Bank with data automation to accelerate their journey to the cloud

A quick recap on our CrowdChat with theCUBE 6/18/20

Last week, theCUBE hosted Io-Tahoe’s #DataAutomated CrowdChat to share insights on the benefits of leveraging data automation to accelerate digital transformation initiatives. One key point discussed was how to streamline the journey to the cloud while avoiding unexpected costs, mitigating security vulnerabilities and guaranteeing business continuity.

Here’s our take: without automation, organizations take on high costs in labor and face painfully slow project timelines with high operational risk due to manual methods used for data migration to the cloud.

Paula D’Amico, SVP of Data Architecture at Webster Bank discussed how Io-Tahoe data automation accelerated time to value for her data migration project, dramatically reducing time to task from months to a few weeks by removing mundane labor-intensive tasks, producing a unified view of the data estate, and establishing trust across lines of businesses with a single record of truth.

With her journey to the cloud cost-effectively managed through automation, Paula rapidly enabled her business to use real-time data to enhance the customer experience for increased revenue and customer retention, driving ROI from data assets.

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