Io-Tahoe IoLabs is a flexible and scalable cloud enabled data automation service provisioned for AWS, GCP and Azure cloud environments, as well as other hybrid or on-prem systems – easily usable out of the box.

Patent pending automation and lean processes guarantee scalability, availability and compliance for the most demanding data security and privacy standards.

Use your cloud provider’s ecosystem of drivers, integrations, and tools to build faster and spend less time managing your database.

Deploy a fully managed Io-Tahoe Data Catalog across AWS, Azure, or GCP.


Built for optimal performance

On-demand scaling, resource optimization tools, and realtime insights on your data estate


Designed for data practitioner productivity

Automated features and integrations to discover, catalog, search, govern and analyze your data and metadata at scale


Reliable for
mission-critical workloads

Precision and accuracy to meet objectives for industrial, financial, and health sectors


Enablement for sensitive data and security

Discovery of sensitive data to satisfy security protocols and compliance standards


Managed for
operational efficiency

Fully automated infrastructure provisioning, database setup, maintenance, and version upgrades


Global clusters for
world-class applications

Support for multiple cloud regions across AWS, Azure and GCP environments

IoLabs Process


IoLabs Kickoff Consultation

Virtual or Live | 1 Day


IoLabs Sprint

Remote or On-Site | Timeline*


Solution Demo

Remote or On-Site | 1 Day

IoLabs Sandbox & Features


Included with your IoLabs ML Augmented catalog:

  • 50 GB of storage
  • Share RAM
  • Automated patches, REST API
  • Connection to 3 data sources 2 users

Get access to the following when you launch a dedicated cluster:

  • Additional storage
  • Connect to additional data sources
  • Enterprise security
  • LDAP integration
  • Geo-specific compute clusters

Our APIs connect to these cloud environments and applications:

  • Amazon Web Services
  • Google Cloud Platform
  • Microsoft Azure
  • Private cloud / Multi-cloud
  • On-Prem / Hybrid

Set up and connection made easy with Io-Tahoe support and expertise:

  • Service administered by Io-Tahoe
  • Hosted environment with Io-Tahoe instance
  • Data placed in S3 Bucket or managed connection
  • DataOps Engineer as a resource
  • Support available Mon-Fri 9AM-6PM local time
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