Mar 15, 2021

Leveraging Data RPA for Finance

Robotic Process Automation (RPA) is being leveraged by most organizational functions, including Human Resources, Sales & Marketing and Operations. All of these functions directly benefit from automation, but none more so than your Finance Team.

Financial teams are responsible for some of the most critical reporting and analytics, of which data quality errors can be detrimental to building trust in reports and forecasts. It’s almost impossible to place such a heavy burden on individuals who have multiple priorities and additional important tasks that they must allocate time to. This is why the implementation of Data RPA and “Digital Workers” is game-changing.

Benefits of Data RPA for Finance:

1. Boost agility for your financial planning for adaptability in an
ever-changing ecosystem.

2. Certify reporting and analytics with high-quality data sets.

3. Establish a lean operating model where critical data elements are reconciled to a single version of the truth, centralized in one single pane of glass.

4. Automate data governance to augment productivity and allocate more time to meaningful work.

5. Achieve a fast & efficient monthly closing process with fewer anomalies.

Staying compliant with the latest policies during uncertain economic cycles is much less challenging with Digital Workers used to breakdown complex tasks into more manageable results for human experts to produce flawless, high quality results. Io-Tahoe’s user-friendly Data RPA Platform eliminates the mundane and time-consuming tasks managed by back-office teams, like spend audits, month-end reconciliation, cost management, and budget tracking. Data RPA improves operational effectiveness and eliminates silos; ultimately providing decision makers with the tools and time they need to make the best decisions for the organization.