Automate every aspect of your data management workloads, enable all lines of business to self-serve, improve data quality, streamline business operations and customer experience, both internal and external.

Automated Data

Data Discovery is the first step to knowing your data. Auto-Discover data across any application on any infrastructure and identify all unknown data relationships across the entire siloed data landscape.

Quickly search, explore and understand critical patterns and relationships in their data, then visualize complex dependencies between data attributes, and represent relationships between entities. Sensitive Data is automatically identified and tagged ‘out-of-the-box’.

SmartData Catalog

Know how everything is connected, understand everything in context. Regain ownership and trust in your data and maintain a single source of truth across cloud platforms, SaaS applications, reference data and legacy systems. Empower business users to quickly discover and understand the data that matters to them with a SmartData Catalog continuously updated ensuring business teams always have access to the most trusted data available without the cost of applying manual effort.

Enable seamless team collaboration through self-service data access to a unified view of all data assets. Data producers and data consumers – including IT applications and business processes, can quickly and easily be served with the trustworthy, pre-defined and pre-approved data they need to perform without adding manual effort to the IT backlog.

Data Mapping

Automate the identification of unknown relationships within and across data silos throughout the organization – including databases, data lakes, legacy systems, SaaS applications and documents. Build your business glossary automatically using in-house common business terms, vocabulary and definitions.

Discovered relationships appear as connections or dependencies between data entities such as ‘Customer’, ‘Account’, ‘Address’, ‘Invoice’ and these data entities have many discoverable properties at a granular level. Unlock valuable insights for managing data as an asset.

DataSignals Dashboards

Get up to date feeds on the health of your data for faster, improved data management. See trends, view full history, compare versions, and get accurate and timely visual insights from across the organization. From a single console with and end-to-end self-service for data producers and data consumers.

Impact Assessments survey data sources for changes to the Metadata and Data Relationships and create alerts when data policies and rules are breached, to notify data owners to take action and maintain compliance and trust in your data .

Automated Data Flows

Automatically capture every data flow to locate all the dependencies across systems. Visualize how they work together collectively and know who within your organization has access to data. Understand the source and destination for all your business data with comprehensive data lineage constructed automatically during the data discovery phase, and continuously load results into the SmartData Catalog.

Suddenly, business users can easily visualize and understand how everything is connected; they can discover and search for data in full business context as well as trust how their business reports are constructed. Anomalies are proactively detected and reported for root cause analysis and impact assessment. Visualize data dependencies between different layers of your data fabric using an intuitive 360 degree view of data that is audit-ready for managing risks and compliance.

Active DQ

Automated Data Quality Assessments powered by ActiveDQ ensures data is fit for consumption and meets the needs of enterprise data users. Keep information about the current data quality state readily available for faster, improved decision making.

Data Policy Governor

Automate data governance end-to-end over the entire data lifecycle with automation, instant transparency and control. Automate data policy assessments with glossaries, metadata, and policies for sensitive data discovery that automatically tags, links and annotates with metadata to provide enterprise wide search for all lines of business.

Ensures all enterprise data is consistent, secure, organized as an asset that meets policies for data quality, privacy and security. Align business terms and definitions across the organization, and connect technical databases to those terms so that data can be harnessed for business value.

Knowledge Graph

Digitize and Search Your Enterprise Knowledge. Turn multiple siloed data sources into machine-understandable knowledge. From a single data canvas, search and explore data content across systems including ERP, CRM, billing systems, social media to fuel data pipelines.

Data is automatically discovered, mapped and unified using graph’s ability to endlessly link concepts – without changing the underlying data. Collaboratively agree on business terms and data definitions across all lines of business, and automatically link to real data sources in the data catalog during profiling. The Smart Data Catalog dynamically syncs with the user-defined business ontology.

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